Coming from my view as an Environmentalist, Biopiracy is not warmly accepted. It is essentially the illegal collection of plant/animal/insect species. However, Bioprospecting is the 'legal' way of collecting biological samples that could help scientific research etc. ( a cure for cancer in the rainforest!?) In my opinion both are the same idea just the right and wrong way to do it. Biopiracy simply put, is 'grab & run' and  it negatively impacts ecosystems and biodiversity in the fact that the species
being collected may be over exploited, wiping out its population foremost, as well as taking a vital component out of its natural habitat where the  interconnected systems of life are thrown off balance and all organisms relying  on said collected species are put at risk.
Taking a plant species from its natural home to plant, harvest, exploit, patent it etc. in a foreign environment puts all native species of this evironment at risk as well, the alien species may very well use up all resources and suck the land dry to survive, killing off all native species. Its a vicious cycle any way you do it.
The Amazon is suffering greatly from Biopiracy and I can't help but think how it is negatively impacting indegenous tribes of the rainforest. The land and resources they depend on are being wiped out and destroyed from under their noses. The relationship of these tribes with the land is much different as they depend on it to survive and know the consequences of over exploiting the land and treating it as a commodity made just for them. They know the importance of a balanced give and take relationship.

I think that Leopold's 'The Land Ethic' has strong grounds to argue against biopiracy as it states that humans are not owners of the land (community) but merely members of it. What gives us the right to take something that does not belong to us and exploit it for personal gain etc. Approaching it from a utilitarian, deontological standpoint?
Any other grounds for arguement in deep ecology, biocentrism, animal welfare, ecofeminism etc.?

Ultimately what i'm interested in is how does modern biotechnology (biopiracy) collecting, exploiting and patenting materials from the rainforests
rate from an ethical standpoint?
In defense of the Environment -